Manual Satellite Observations of the Earth s Environment

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Dr Hogg is an expert in Earth observation of the polar regions and uses satellite data to study the remote Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets.

Copernicus — European Environment Agency

In deference to the critical role that satellites play in measuring and monitoring Antarctic glaciology, Dr Hogg requested that seven glaciers monitored in her study be named after the satellites. The names will be added to the British Antarctic Territory Gazetteer and will be available for use on all maps, charts and in all future publications. Without this data we would have a very unclear picture of how our rapidly changing environment is affecting glaciers around the world. They provided the first high-resolution, wide-swath and day-and-night images that were used to calculate the speed and direction of the flow of glacier ice.

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CryoSat was designed specifically to detect changes in the height of polar ice. This programme provides open access to images, allowing the public to easily view and witness ongoing, year-round changes in Antarctica and the rest of the world. Its optical and radar image data acquired between and have been used to map ice in the polar regions.


Landsat has been one of the primary satellite systems used in Antarctic studies, providing over 40 years of uninterrupted mapping of the continent for climate and environment studies. Gaofen-5 is able to obtain spectral information from ultraviolet to long-wave infrared radiation.

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It is the world's first full-spectrum hyperspectral satellite for comprehensive observation of the atmosphere and land. Gaofen-5 has the highest spectral resolution among China's remote sensing satellites.

China launches new Earth observation satellite for environmental monitoring

It is equipped with six advanced observation payloads, such as shortwave infrared hyperspectral camera and a greenhouse gas detector. Wang Qiao, an official from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said the satellite can detect inland water, land surface environment and altered minerals, providing reliable data for China's environmental monitoring, resource exploration, and disaster prevention and mitigation.

China's Long March 4C launches Gaofen-5 Earth observation satellite for environmental monitoring

China will also launch Gaofen-6 this year to form a constellation with other Gaofen satellites in orbit. Professor Sarah Anyang Agbor, African Union Commissioner for Human Resources, Science and Technology, says that the forum could help achieve the aspirations envisioned by the people of Africa in Agenda for a prosperous continent.

Studying the Earth's atmosphere using satellites

She stressed on the need for investments in technologies and harnessing available human capital to improve the systems of health, education and infrastructure. At the five-day forum, delegates are set to discuss challenges to the growth and expansion of the sector in Africa; and come up with strategies to involve multiple players, including academic institutions and the private sector.

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The forum, which is also a flagship programme under the African Space Policy and Strategy, lays down a pathway for the continent to become globally competitive in space activities and develop a space programme. A total of 72 African institutions have been awarded grants through open competitive bidding to implement projects in water, natural resources, marine and coastal area management. We are a voice to you; you have been a support to us.