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Publications Scutelnicu, G. Featured program in the Education Life Section national distribution , interviewed and quoted. Interviewed and quoted. Westchester Magazine, Q4 Research report on the state of the Westchester nonprofit sector featured in Inc, the business issue of Westchester Magazine. Low-frequency drugs have been aggregated into higher-level categories:.

If either of these two conditions was not met, a brief profile is provided for the area. In contrast to full profiles, brief profiles include only a map and Table A see above. County profiles are produced for individual jurisdictions in which 60 or more drug-related deaths were reported.

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The purpose is to distinguish findings for a single location from those of the metropolitan area as a whole. County profiles may appear for jurisdictions even if the metropolitan area itself had less than 50 percent population coverage. In some instances, even if a jurisdiction has 60 or more deaths, a county profile may not be needed.

Such is the case when a metropolitan area contains only one county or had only one county participating in DAWN. County profiles have essentially the same format as the full metropolitan area profile. A full profile is provided for each of the following States:. Updates describing new metropolitan or micropolitan areas and changes to existing areas are provided annually by OMB.

The classification was modified to meet DAWN's unique requirements Morphine is not classified as heroin because it is not possible to differentiate morphine, the metabolite of heroin, from morphine itself. Most drugs in the category "Heroin specified " were reported to DAWN as heroin or its metabolite monoacetylmorphine.

A few were reported as acetylmorphine, diacetylmorphine, acetylcodeine, monoacetylcodeine, heroin dope, or black tar heroin.

Rates of drug-related deaths and percentage change, and List of Figures Figure 1. Drug-related deaths other than drug-related suicide deaths include the following: Natural or accidental deaths with drug involvement. Homicide by drug. This category was designed to capture malicious poisonings; that is, the decedent was administered a drug s by another person for a malicious purpose.

Drug-related suicide deaths include suicide deaths with drug involvement. Because of the broad eligibility criteria for determining DAWN cases, drug-related suicide deaths include more than deaths due to overdoses. A reported drug may not be the cause of the suicide death even if only one drug was involved. Drug s must be a contributing factor, though. Standardized death rates Death rates i.

These laws vary by State and, within each State, by time. Not every reported substance drug is, by itself, the cause of death or even a contributor to the death. DAWN's broad definition of drug involvement requires only that the drug is related to the death. Therefore, even in single-drug deaths, reported drugs may not be a direct cause of death. Furthermore, incidental reporting i. If the number of deaths associated with an area or drug is small, a small increase in the absolute number of deaths can result in a large percentage difference.

For reasons of privacy, counts of deaths that are less than four but greater than zero are suppressed. Efforts are made to limit nonsampling errors that are due to reporting errors e. Some nonsampling errors cannot be mitigated e.

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It includes the following: Name of metropolitan area, Total number of death investigation jurisdictions counties in the area, Number and percentage of eligible counties for which mortality data were reported to DAWN, and Number and percentage of the area's population that is covered by DAWN-participating jurisdictions. Alabama Birmingham-Hoover, AL Louis, MO-IL Louis City Louis County George, UT George, UT 9. The Contents to this publication lists the profiles in the order in which they appear. Full profiles The full profile is composed of six exhibits plus a map and demographic information on the State or metropolitan area and its constituent counties.

That is, counts of drug-related deaths exclude suicide deaths. The unit of measurement in all charts and tables is deaths or death rates. Death rates are reported as deaths per , population. Figure 1 Sample metropolitan area profile layout. Map Each profile begins with a map displaying the boundaries of the metropolitan area or State and its component counties.